Couple therapy and Psychotherapy

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Are you going through a difficult time?

You're not alone. Many individuals and couples face challenges that hinder their ability to connect and thrive. Our expertise is tailored to help you overcome these common issues.

Navigating Sensitive Conversations

Certain topics trigger rapid escalation. Our expertise in communication strategies will empower you to address these subjects with empathy and understanding, fostering healthier dialogues.

Unlocking the Mystery of Conflict

Do you find yourselves locked in repetitive arguments without understanding the underlying cause? We specialize in helping couples like you uncover the roots of your conflicts, providing clarity and insight.

Breaking Free from Hurtful Patterns

If painful cycles persist, it's time to break free. We'll help you identify and reshape these patterns, enabling you to forge a more harmonious connection.

Escaping the Recurring Issues Trap:

Tired of circling back to the same issues? Together, we'll work on effective ways to address and resolve recurring concerns.

How I can help you

Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa Fleming, your devoted guide on the path to emotional healing and thriving relationships. With a rich background in transgenerational holocaust trauma and extensive experience working with diverse cultural backgrounds, Lisa brings a unique perspective to her practice.

Her dedication to understanding the intricate interplay of emotions and behavior empowers her clients to embark on transformative journeys.


Lisa’s Assistant: Woolly

A support dog with a difference

Unlike Lisa, Wooly has no formal training. He is, however, a calm, well trained and kind dog who has a knack of putting clients at ease.

A quiet contribution

Wooly sits quietly at Lisa’s feet during client sessions, and only offers advice if directly asked. His advice often focuses around the positive benefits of long walks and treats.


Work with me

Lisa's approach is a harmonious blend of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and psychodynamic principles. By exploring the deep-rooted connections between feelings and behavior, she equips you with the insights needed to create lasting change. EFT provides a practical framework to understand attachment and forge stronger bonds, guiding couples towards each other in times of distress.

Lisa's practice

Lisa practices couple therapy, individual psychotherapy, and coaching. Her unique approach, blending Emotionally Focused Therapy and psychodynamic principles, equips clients with insights for lasting change, fostering healthier relationships and personal growth.

Individual Therapy

Lisa Fleming offers tailored Individual Therapy sessions designed to address your unique concerns and foster personal growth. Experience a transformative journey towards emotional healing and a more harmonious life under Lisa's compassionate guidance.

Couple Therapy

Lisa Fleming's Couple Therapy employs different psychodynamic principles to untangle conflicts and nurture stronger, enduring connections. Through tailored strategies, discover renewed harmony and understanding, fostering lasting changes in your relationship.



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Benefits of Choosing Lisa's Counseling

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards lasting connection and personal growth? Let me empower you with the tools you need to create a life filled with harmony, understanding, and love.

Improved Relationships

Our guidance paves the way for healthier, more fulfilling relationships

Peace of Mind

Find security within your relationship, knowing that you're on a journey of growth and understanding.

Enhanced Communication

Master the art of communication, leading to smoother interactions and conflict resolution.


Experience personal empowerment as you navigate challenges and work toward your dreams.