Couple Therapy


Welcome to a Journey of Renewed Connection, Understanding, and Safety

Recurring conflicts?

Communication issues?

Feeling stuck?

Are you and your partner facing recurring conflicts or feeling disconnected? 

Do you get stuck in repetitive conflicts or experience a sense of emotional disconnection? 

Many couples face challenges that hinder their ability to communicate effectively or maintain intimacy. Lisa Fleming understands the complexities and unique dynamics that couples navigate. Her sessions provide a safe space for both partners to express themselves, explore underlying issues, and work towards finding common ground. Lisa Fleming offers a compassionate and tailored approach to Couple Therapy aimed at fostering enduring bonds and resolving conflicts, and improving safety in the relationship.

Lisa’s combination of empathy, knowledge, experience, and lack of judgement enable her to help people see and understand patterns and ways of reacting with kindness and warmth. This helps partners have compassion for both themself and each other. They can begin to increase distress tolerance, understand how they each get triggered, why they each react the way they do. and learn to break cycles of conflict.

Understanding attachment style

Why do we really fight?

By understanding one’s own attachment style and how our ways of reacting and responding in current relationships are shaped by our past, we can begin to understand how we react to our partner. We can learn what makes us feel safe and what sends us into defensive patterns, we can learn the stories that we tell ourselves after a fight about ourself and our partner are particular to us and are shaped by our past. Learning these patterns in ourselves and our partner can help us understand why we don’t feel safe and how we get into similar cycles with each other. We can learn to nurture the relationship so both people begin to feel safer and are more able to turn to the relationship rather than experience the relationship as a threat.

Lisa's Approach

Lisa's Couple Therapy focuses on unravelling conflicts, understanding attachment/relationship patterns of safety, and nurturing stronger connections. Her method draws on a range of psychodynamic principles and traditions, is designed to untangle complexities and pave the way for renewed harmony and deeper understanding within your relationship.

Potential Outcome

Through Lisa's Couple Therapy, couples often experience a renewed sense of closeness and understanding. Clients report enhanced ability to navigate conflicts constructively, and a deeper emotional connection. By addressing underlying issues and reshaping communication patterns, couples often find themselves on a journey towards a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship. Lisa's approach aims not only to resolve current conflicts but also to equip partners with the tools necessary to navigate future challenges with resilience and understanding.

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Why Choose Lisa for Couple Therapy?

Lisa Fleming brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. She has trained in a number of different models including Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) , Mary Morgan’s Tavistock model of couple therapy, Imago relationship therapy, and is influenced by research and understanding of the work of the Gottman’s, Stan Tatkin’s psychobiological approach to couple therapy, Philip Ringstrom’s relational approach to couple therapy, and much other literature and research. Her dedication to guiding couples through transformative journeys toward lasting connection and growth sets the foundation for a more harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey towards a stronger, more connected relationship? Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation and take the first step towards renewed harmony and understanding.